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Art in Architecture, Corporate Environments, Private Clients

Art in Architecture

Architecture can be enriched and indeed defined by art; beautiful examples have appeared throughout architectural history. The architect’s role in successfully integrating significant contemporary artworks into corporate or institutional environments is complex, crucial, and not commonly trained or practised. Our extensive experience in incorporating site-specific commissioned artworks into architecture is a result of our clients’ extraordinary commitment to the role of contemporary art in society.
Facilitating dialogue among corporate and artworld actors of contrasting mindsets, languages, and cultural contexts requires expert diplomacy. Managing engineers, specialists and construction teams and aligning with local authorities requires an architect’s know-how. We safeguard the issues that matter to the artists, just as we ensure respect for values underlying the client’s endeavour.

Corporate Environments

For corporations and institutions, architecture and urban design are the physical expressions of their values, attitudes, and brand. With people today working and communicating virtually and offsite, the office environment gains in importance as an instrument for animating the dialogue and encounters that represent institutional values and advance business goals.
We have the experience to identify an organization’s needs and cultural specificities in order to devise environments that innovate how it works to best serve employees and clients. We evaluate existing architectural qualities and hidden potential, then initiate interventions designed to acknowledge historic values, improve on the client’s investment and, of course, protect the environment.

Private Clients

We consult and support private individuals on projects of any scale, large or small. If you have an inquiry, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange to meet and discuss your ambitions at your earliest convenience. Conversations are conducted in German, English, Italian and French.